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National HealthCard

Branding, identity and user experience for national health care programme and database.

An initiative of the government of Trinidad and Tobago, the National Health Card is an innovative programme that allows pharmacists to more efficiently access prescription information, and also stores detailed patient information to facilitate smoother healthcare. Abovegroup was brought in as a third party on this project. Infotech Trinidad – who were managing the technical and database aspects of the project under NIPDEC and the Ministry of Health – contracted us to help apply a branding and usability aspect to the card, which would make it appealing in terms of engaging people to sign up, but also to create a set of clear communication around the objectives and functions of the card.

In researching for the project, we looked at other countries that had developed health cards, and went through our usual processes, making our focus the function of the card, instead of leaning heavily on an identity that clearly read as “national”. Our first concept was rejected, and our clients sent us back to the drawing board to develop another direction that could be interpreted as more Trinidadian. We looked at the gentle, round forms of the hibiscus flower, and simplified the petal forms and the stamen – the five dots of which formed a simple cross. The resulting mark successfully spoke to both healthcare and a sense of national identity. We then played with forms to develop background patterns, while considering production capabilities, and selected type with a gentle, accessible feel. We also developed a favicon, a suite of iconography and templates for communication. Lastly, we created a comprehensive brand guide for specific initiatives including booth, collateral for signup zones, and print materials to guide people through the signup process. Our involvement with the project ended at that point, but we’re so glad to have had this great opportunity to do something on a national level, and to develop a brand that we hope will have real and wide-ranging impact on the quality of life of our fellow citizens.