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Beacon Insurance

In its 50-year history, Beacon has grown into one of the largest insurance companies in Trinidad and Tobago and throughout the Caribbean. They first called us in in 2006 to develop a visual identity for their life and health products but, in talking with their team and listening to their aspirations, we recommended a critical look at their overall brand, instead of a quick-fix for one area of it. Our suggestion led to a revelation of internal contradictions, which effectively put the branding exercise on hold for more than a year. We waited. After a change management process that strengthened the company’s foundation, we were called back in to help Beacon connect more strongly with its audience. We removed fear as a key component of the way in which they sold insurance, and leaned on light as a metaphor for safety and drawing people in. 

The lighthouse has always been significant to the company and they requested that it remain part of their visual identity... so we found one with meaning. We used the Chacachacare Lighthouse – the highest in the western hemisphere used to guide sailors from South America to Trinidad and beyond – a great way of symbolising the company’s Pan-Caribbean reach. Along with this modernised symbol, we came up with the tagline “switched on” to underscore Beacon’s reliability and speak to their competent customer service. A revamp of their copy helped to sharpen the overall message; vibrant colours and new typography also contributed to a more emotive tone for the brand. We rolled out Beacon’s updated brand identity across digital and print in 2012. We’re currently re-entering a relationship with them – this time we’re mainly strategy and creative direction, and we’re happy to be collaborating with another agency who will handle advertising to help push the Beacon brand even further.