Nova explores the boundaries and broadens the horizons of what a perfect cup of coffee means

Creating a name, building a brand strategy and developing design for a new, locally roasted “third wave” coffee product meant creating an experience and reverence for the highest quality, ethically sourced, artisanal product brought to market.


Introducing a new coffee product in Trinidad that meets unparallelled standards of quality for roasting and selection of beans, combined with ethical relationships with farmers around the world is no easy feat. We were approached to develop a name, strategy and identity for what could only be a stellar coffee product.






We started with developing the strategy by defining the personality and truth behind this brand - that coffee at its best is a heart-opening experience when shared with a friend, a voyage into a clearer state of mind, a rejuvenating indulgence that is truly savoured by those discerning enough to know the perfect cup. In close consultation with the client, we came to the name of Nova, symbolising “new”, but also as a subtle homage to the parent brand of Starlite. In astronomy a nova is a new star that shows a sudden increase in brightness.




To set the brand apart, we looked deeply into the concepts of exploration, adventure and travel - after all, a great cup of coffee would take you out of this world and into a different state of being.


The sense of discovery of new places is marked by the concept of a compass with a North Star, and often anchored in constellations. The constellation which inspired the identity is Aplha Crucis (Southern Cross) because it is one of the brightest in the night sky, and is visible up to 30 degrees north, where the coffee is sourced. The main brand colour, deep midnight blue, is inspired by the night sky, and reflects the seriousness and sophistication of the brand.