An industry giant’s rebrand reflects fifty years of hard work, rigorous standards and building prosperity by doing things right.​

As the most trusted construction company in the Caribbean, NH delivers solutions that are transformative for businesses and society. Consulting with them during a time of brand architecture and planning led to a visual identity that is neutral but principled, while being unique and identifiable.


In 2015, NH International, the Caribbean’s largest construction company, celebrated 50 years in business. At the end of 2014, they approached us to help them brand their 50th anniversary celebrations. When we met with them, they had a preconceived, bells-and-whistles approach in mind towards marking the moment.



We suggested another approach to this milestone – that, instead of being immersed in nostalgia and dressing up the old, that they use their 50th anniversary as a way to communicate where the company will be for the next 50 years, and also to take stock of the way in which the organisation communicates.


We upgraded the mark, opening up the letterforms to allow for transparency and to subtly suggest construction frameworks; we adjusted the proportions and rounded the edges to give a more accessible feel. Copy was written as well to bring out more of the NH story. In everything we did, we were careful not to make the brand appear too stylised; instead we worked on presenting a visual identity that is neutral but principled, while being unique and identifiable.

This forward-thinking approach was welcomed; not surprising as NH is the type of company that Abovegroup excels with. Their work is stellar – great use of technology, good project management – a tightly-run world-class organisation that, like so many other local and regional companies are punching above their weight in their fields, but fail to communicate that success through their brand identity. Out of our research and conversations with the NH team, one of the first things we came up with was the core proposition “do right and prosper.” These words not only speak clearly to the company’s strong moral and business sense, but they have since helped to guide internal human resources processes, and act as a compass for future decisions. It also formed the title of a book done by Plantain on the company.​

Emile Elias

Chairman, NH International


Abovegroup took the time to listen to us and learn about our past and where we were heading.​ They quickly got down to the essence of who we are as a company, and presented that in a simple, beautiful way and with the kind of progressive vision that has us looking forward to the next 50 years.

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