Designing a brand and campaign that rallies victims of gender based violence to break the silence and emerge victorious.​

Transformation takes devotion; changing violent habits and behaviors meant declaring an unwavering commitment to change. Make It Stop was designed to galvanize a collective movement against a deep-seeded, persistent and prevalent social ill.


PSI is a global health organisation dedicated to improving the wellbeing of people in the developing world by focusing on serious challenges. After the success of their HIV prevention and awareness campaigns within the region, PSI Caribbean shifted their attention over to gender-based violence.

They had the backing of international spokesperson, Mandy Moore, and funding in place for the initiative. They put out a tender, which we responded to, pitched, and then won. Included in the RFP was the initiative’s name and identity, including the verbal branding for a campaign.




We consulted extensively with the client in order to get a clear picture of their needs and objectives. Part of their brief was that a younger audience should be targeted.


Abovegroup’s visual solution relied on the familiar hand gesture of “stop,” which was paired with a speech bubble suggesting the confidence to say the words out loud. The campaign was graphic, youthful and with a pop culture feel, but accessible to several generations. For the 2015 launch of Make It Stop, we wrote and developed an animation piece to explain gender-based violence and stats and realities globally, and we produced a number of small touchpoints – stickers, postcards, backdrops. We’ve also developed radio and media spots for the campaign, as well as a number of digital pieces for social media.

We named the campaign Make It Stop – a clear message that was twofold in the way in which it directly addressed offenders, but also formed a call to action for people to get involved in reducing the incidents of violence against women. The message was clear, recognisable and memorable.

— Kevon Foderingham

Marketing and Communications Manager,
PSI Caribbean


We entrusted Abovegroup with developing a brand identity for our work in gender based violence prevention and the Make It Stop campaign is testament to their dedication to quality, collaboration and understanding both the needs of clients and their intended audiences.​

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