We are a sanctuary for big ideas and a driver of building sophisticated brands. We are at our best when we work closely with our clients and their stakeholders to create solutions that are inclusive and regenerative in value. Take a closer look at how we’ve solved problems for our clients and their communities.

Building the richness of Trinidad’s legacy agricultural communities

In the heart of Trinidad’s pristine rural communities, farmers have cultivated some of the world’s most sought-after cocoa for decades. Branding the Alliance of Rural Communities and destination chocolate products helped these local micro-economies to bring treasured products successfully and equitably to market.


Breathing new life into an iconic Caribbean hotel brand and destination


With its rich history and spacious grounds, Mt Irvine Bay Resort’s rebrand brings a new perspective of Tobago’s beauty to the world, challenging international hotels to meet the standard of this local gem.



Fresh Faced

Rebuilding our identity, or why the shoemaker always has holes in his shoes​

As the most trusted construction company in the Caribbean, NH delivers solutions that are transformative for businesses and society.​ 

Consulting with them during a time of brand architecture and planning led to a visual identity that is neutral but principled, while being unique and identifiable. 

An industry giant’s rebrand reflects fifty years of hard work, rigorous standards and building prosperity by doing things right.

In the lush Kilimanjaro district of Mwanga, Tanzania,  the creative workshop Seeking Amani (Kiswahili for peace) helps children to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their community and the wider environment. Branding this non-profit arts organisation brings awareness and cohesion for its champions around the world.

A progressive, family-run school in Tanzania spreads peace through creativity, one student at a time

Designing a brand and campaign that rallies victims of gender based violence to break the silence and emerge victorious.​​

Make It Stop was designed to galvanize a collective movement against a deep-seeded, persistent and prevalent social ill.​

Nova explores the boundaries and broadens the horizons of what a perfect cup of coffee means

Creating a name, building a brand strategy and developing design for a new, locally roasted “third wave” coffee product meant creating an experience and reverence for the highest quality, ethically sourced, artisanal product brought to market.